Pacific Time Machines:
Recent Replicas & New Traditional Vessels

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Modern versions of old wooden ships, boats, and canoes have blossomed around the world in the past half-century. Pacific Time Machines is a wide-ranging survey of articles about many of those in the Pacific, from 1913 to 2005—each written by the designer or another involved in the project. Subjects range from HMS Rose and its re-creation as HMS Surprise for the movie “Master and Commander,” to the schooners Californian and Lynx, to Hawaiian voyaging canoes, feluccas, Chinese junks, and Chumash Indian board canoes. Authors include renowned naval architects Melbourne Smith and Phil Bolger, and Hawaiian canoe navigator Nainoa Thompson.

"A Personal Account of the Frigate Rose" by John Millar
"Designing the Rose" by Phil Bolger
“Creating HMS Surprise” by Leon Poindexter
"Building Hokule'a" by Herb Kawainui Kane
“Reviving Hawaiian Voyaging” by Ben Finney
"Hokule'a and the Rebirth of Ancient Hawaiian Navigation" by Nainoa Thompson
Californian, Globe and Lynx on the California Coast" by Melbourne Smith
"Washington’s Tall Ship Ambassador Lady Washington" by Jim Mockford
“A New Italian Felucca on San Francisco Bay” by Stephen Canright
“Building a New Chinese Shrimp Junk for San Francisco Bay” by John Muir
“Building a Chumash Board Canoe, 1913” by Fernando Librado (Kitsepawit)
“A New Chumash canoe crosses the Santa Barbara Channel” by Julie Cordero-Lamb

(2005) 8 1/2” x 11”, 89 pages, color illustrations, notes
ISBN 0-944580-17-3 (paper)
A Mains’l Haul Book

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