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Welcome aboard the Tall Ship Rose, a replica of an 18th century Royal Navy frigate that cruised the American coast during the Revolutionary War.

Built in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, the Rose operated as a sail training vessel from 1985 to 2001. Thousands of people from all over the world experienced adventure at sea aboard the Rose as she ranged from her homeport in New England as far north as Labrador and as far south as Grenada, into the Great Lakes as far west as Duluth and east to the Atlantic coast of Europe. In 2003 the ship appeared as the HMS Surprise in the 20th Century fox film Master and Commander: Far Side of the World starring Russell Crowe and directed by Peter Weir.

Now renamed Surprise in honor of her role in the film, the ship is open to the public daily as a dockside attraction at the Maritime Museum of San Diego. Does this mean her days of ocean sailing are behind her? Only time will tell. The Museum has not committed to a future for the ship either way but have stated they hope to have her sailing again in 2007.

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This web site is managed entirely by a former deckhand of the Rose for the benefit of past sail trainees and Rose supporters and no longer operates in any official capacity with the ship.

Tower Bridge, London, May 1996

Near Newfoundland, 1998


Atlantic Crossing, April, 1996

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